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Special Offer - Maldives on a budget


Maldives on a budget maamigili explorer package

Maldives are known for their luxury resorts; the elegance of Maldives has long come with an immense price tag. If you are a Maldives budget traveler and want to cut your accommodation expenses so that you can spend more on other activities, Koimala Maldives Maamigili guest house is pleased to help the guests to customized a special package to spend a week in the Maldives for less than one night in a Resort. Travelling on a budget in the Maldives is far better to staying in one of the luxury resorts, the guest house accommodation facilities are far better and reasonable pricing when compared to the luxury resorts in Maldives. The explorer package gives the opportunity for travelers to experience the Maldives on a limited budget, making the dream of an easy and affordable travel to the Maldives possible.

Spend relaxing days snorkeling along vibrant coral reefs and tasting the freshest seafood. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Maldives at Koimala Inn, Maamigili. Maldives Explorer offer includes variety of activities where the guest can enjoy the holiday and experience the local Maldivian lifestyle. Maldives on a budget Maamigili explorer package includes many activities; whale shark seeking trip is one of the best attraction in south ari atoll, as many guest travel to south ari atoll, Maamigili in order to snorkel, swim and dive with the whale sharks, whale shark in Maldives can be seen only in south ari atoll and is renown as second best place to see this beautiful friendly sea giant. The other most interesting activity in Maldives is Manta Safari or snorkeling with Manta Rays, this special package is bundled with manta safari snorkeling trip providing an opportunity for guest who loves snorkeling and exploring the underwater beauty of Maldives. All these activities are bundled in one package, so that the guest will be able to enjoy Maldives on a budget.



Are you looking for the best Maldives tour packages under a budget?

Are you searching for a holiday package to Maldives which is specifically suited to your needs as well suited to your budget? Koimala Maldives is pleased to offer the best Maldives holiday packages available on internet. Whether the purpose of visit to Maldives is for a budget vacation or a luxury all-inclusive honeymoon package with a reasonable price. Koimala Maldives special offers are segmented to cater all type of travelers who are looking to explore the beauty of Maldives.

*Note: All packages are applicable for stays between 1st April to 30th November, for more information about our packages please contact us