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Transfer Options - Getting here

Flyme Maldives domestic flight - Fast and Convenient


Flyme Maldives operates various flights from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport to South Ari Atoll, Maamigili everyday. The duration of the flight from Male' airport to Maamigili Island is 15 minutes. The fligt is bookable directly by guest or our hotel staffs would be more then happy to assist the guest in making the domestic flight reservation. The flight also operates during night time to cater the evening arrivals. Please contact us for further details and prices

Schedule Speedboat Transfer


The trip can be arranged in a more comfortable speedy transportation which normally takes 90 mins to reach from Capital of Maldives, (Male') to Maamigili Island. For speedboat reservations, please contact us for further details.

Schedule Speedboat Transfer (90mins)

Adult: $70 one way
Child: $35 one way

Deprture from Male'at 16:00hrs (Thursday & Saturday)
Departuree from Maamigili Island at 06:00hrs (Thursday & Saturday)

Local Public Ferry Transfer


Experience the most common way of transport used by our locals in the Maldives and at the same time during this sea journey which takes 6 hours from Male' to Maamigili will give you the opportunity to encounter some flying fishes and Dolphins. For more informations on ferry route please visit atoll transfers

Male' to Maamigili: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (9.00 am) from Villigili Jetty (6 hours journey)

Maamigili to Male': Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (08:00 am) from Maamigili Jetty (6 hours journey)

What to do in Maldives?

The Dolphin Trip

Did you know that Maldives is ranked among the best top five destination on earth for watching whales and dolphins? Various different sea species call the Maldives home. The underwater richeness in Maldives is so immense, the likes of mighty Blue Whale to the highly acrobatic Spinner Dolphin. As you all know that joining any of these wild life adventure trips won't be absolutely guaranteed anywhere. However, you will never have a better chance to watch wild dolphins playing in their natural environment and swimming with whale sharks in Maldives, than right here in the Maamigili Island, which is the now called the heart of Maldives whale shark point.


Big Game Fishing

Fishing in Maldives is one of the best and entertaining activity. Back in the day, Big Game Fishing in the Maldives islands are almost always an unforgetable adventure trip. It is advisable to bring your own fishing gears for this type of fishing. However, the hotel will provide the local equipment’s that is used by Maldivians for Big Game Fishing. Fishing in the Maldivian waters can be an adventure of a lifetime for keen fishermen and first-timers alike. The Maldivian seas are navy blue and deep, the fishes are numerous and diverse. Sailfish, huge tuna, wahoo, barracuda and jackfish are the most common catches of the games.


Sandbank Trips

Ever craved you and your spouse were the only people in the world? Now is the chance to experience such a sensation on our sand bank picnic island, encircled by the azure sky and the turquoise waters with your lover or family on powdery white sand, one of Koimala Maldives most special activity that you should not miss.


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