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The Maldives

Many people do wonder where is Maldives? This small island nation still remains unknown to many and it's a secret for many, Maldives is an island nation renown for its amazing beaches and water, the paradise on earth. The Maldives is and island nation surrounded by 1190 islands, located at the equator of earth. neighboring to the country of India and Sri-Lanka. The capital city of the Maldives is Male’ (Pronounce as MAALE). This small island nation has a population of approximately 400,000 people, 1/3 of this population lives in the capital city Male’, making it one of the smallest and congested capital city on earth in terms of population percentage and land area. Out of 1190 islands, 200 islands are inhabited with locals and 100 islands are resorts and the rest of the uninhabited islands are untouched raw vegetation islands surrounded by natural beauty. The country’s economy is dependent on 2 major sector, fishing and tourism. However, Maldives tourism industry has been branded as the major provider of country’s economic growth. The Maldives Islands people follow only one religion which is Muslim faith and the language spoken is Dhivehi. However, majority of the population do speak English, so traveling around in Maldives and speaking to native would not be a daunting task for travelers.

The Maldives - Last paradise on earth!

The mesmerizing beauty of the beaches, the islands, the turquois blue water, the amazing underwater and coral reefs are the key reason why Maldives is the heaven on earth for travelers. Being the only place on earth to enjoy the sunny side of life all year-round. The average temperature during the day in the Maldives is around 28° Celsius and this temperature stays nearly all year-round. This definitely sounds like a place for a perfect holiday, a peaceful nation with no guns, no animals, only surrounded by friendly locals. Isn’t this sound like a beauty to behold! Though the Maldives was an expensive holiday destination until 2010. All this has changed after the introduction of Maldives budget hotel industry, making way for independent entrepreneurs to opened small boutique hotels and guesthouses. This opportunity leads for many dreamers to make the dream of traveling to Maldives a reality without digging deeper in to the pockets, spending less than one night of an average resort price in an entire holiday in a guesthouse.

Looking for a place to stay in Maldives?

Welcome to your home away from home. A hotel that cares about our guests and we are dedicated to making your visit to Maldives as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

The rooms are designed with a mix blend of local Maldivian style and modern contemporary flavor to facilitate home comfort to our guests and offers outstanding value with complimentary bottled water, free wireless internet service, in-room coffee maker with a lovely selection of teas and coffee as well as free local calls, a hairdryer and iron and laundry services.

Our hotel is known for its fantastic location, spotted near the whale shark and manta ray point of Maldives and also surrounded by nature and green vegetation of Maldives.

Are you looking for whale shark diving and snorkeling?

A stay in Maamigili provides all our guest once in a life time experience to explore this wonderous big fish either by joining a snorkeling trip or a scuba diving trip. Even though the whale shark is a sesonal excursion, the chance of encounterig whale shark in South Ari Atoll, Maamigili gives you the best success rate.

The best diving spots in Maldives - South Ari Atoll

The Maldives is renown as one of the finest dive sites on the planet, south ari atoll is listed as a must destination for the divers who visit maldives for scuba diving. Some of the best diving spots are Angaga Thila, Madivaru (Manta point), and Kudarah Thila. We have a multitude of dive options to suit all our guests. For full details on all of Koimala diving opportunities and packages, please contact us.

The most exotic beach experience in Maldives - Sandbank excursion

Ever craved you and your spouse were the only people in the world? Now is the chance to experience such a sensation on our sand bank picnic island, encircled by the azure sky and the turquoise waters with your lover or family on powdery white sand, one of Koimala Hotel most special activity that you should not miss.

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